5 Easy Hacks To Clean Your Bakeware

5 Easy Hacks To Clean Your Bakeware

Like a bad workman blames his tools, an amateur baker might just blame the mould for burning the cake. However, the truth is that if you do not keep your baking essentials carefully, it can actually be the case. But even then, you’ll be the one to be blamed. Working in the kitchen isn’t just about cooking and creating a mess, it also comes with the responsibility of cleaning it.

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Oftentimes, when we bake a cake or a muffin, we tend to take out the baked goods and leave the moulds in a corner of the kitchen. If they are kept like that for too long, they might get discoloured, develop an unpleasant odour and might not be left in a suitable condition to be reused next time. An avid baker should always keep his bakeware spick and span.

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In case you were wondering how to do that all this while, here are some tips and tricks that will be helpful for you.

1.   The Lemon Water Hack

This is a simple and easy hack. All you need is warm water and lemon juice. Take your baking utensil and add some warm water to it. Pour one tbsp of lemon juice and scrub the surface of your bakeware until it becomes clean and shiny. Instead of lime juice, cream of tartar can also be used. This helps to prevent the discolouration that occurs after baking something. This works best for aluminium moulds.


2.   The Apple Peel Hack  

No one would have ever guessed that something as simple as an apple peel could actually help in cleaning your baking moulds. Take water in a pot and add apple peels to it. Boil it and then let it simmer. The acidic apple peels will help to remove the stains from the container, and all you need to do then is wash it off with soapy water. 

5 Easy Hacks To Clean Your Bakeware

3.   The Soapy Water Hack

The most basic trick to keep your baking utensils clean and shiny is by cleaning them with soapy water. Simply dilute dishwashing soap in some water and dip a cleaning sponge in it. Use it to scrub the top, bottom and sides of the utensil so that all the grease and remains get removed. Rinse with water thereafter and then dry them up before keeping them back in the kitchen cabinet.  

4.   The Baking Soda Hack

While baking soda can assist you in making delicious cakes, it can also prove to be a great cleanser. Take some baking soda in water and make a liquid paste with it. Use it to scrub the bakeware with a pad and your utensils go back to being shiny and dirt-free yet again.

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5.  The Vinegar Hack  

Quite similar to baking soda, it is the acidic nature of vinegar that makes it ideal for cleaning. All you need to do is take some white vinegar in boiling water and add it to your bakeware. After one hour, clean with soap water and rinse it. This works best in the case of silicon moulds.   


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