6 of the biggest OSHA fines of Q3 2022

6 of the biggest OSHA fines of Q3 2022

Some of the largest OSHA citations levied against contractors in the third quarter of 2022 included fines worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The agency continues to focus efforts on fall protection failures. The fines in this list largely pertain to continued violations of fall protection standards. In fiscal year 2021, OSHA and related state agencies issued citations for fall hazard violations more than any other workplace standard. Falls are one of the Fatal Four — the most common hazards resulting in death in construction — along with electrocutions, struck by’s and caught in/between’s.

Read on for some of the most expensive fines OSHA issued from July to September. Construction Dive reached out to each firm for comment but had not received responses by publication time.

Charm Builders
Fines: $1,090,231
Status: Contested

On Oct. 6, OSHA cited Millersburg, Ohio-based roofing contractor Charm Builders with six egregious-willful, five repeat and one serious violation for failing to comply with fall protection standards. In March, OSHA responded to complaints that workers at a two-story office building in Wheeling, West Virginia, were working at heights of up to 28 feet without required protection.

OSHA said Charm Builders has a history of failing to comply with workplace standards, and noted that this was the 12th time the agency has cited the contractor since 2009. OSHA placed Charm Builders on its Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Allways Roofing Inc.
Fines: $788,000
Status: Contested

Washington state OSHA, the Department of Labor & Industries, cited Snohomish, Washington-based Allways Roofing for five willful, one repeat and one other-than-serious violation stemming from a February inspection. The citations stemmed from alleged violations of OSHA’s fall safety standard, and totaled $788,000, the state agency said.

According to L&I, Allways Roofing has faced 11 inspections in the last three years all as a result of reports of roofers not wearing fall protection. The company has amassed about $2.5 million in penalties over the last 15 months, L&I said. Penalties issued in August ($201,727) and July ($586,281) alone added up to the $788,000 figure.

Allways Roofing has not filed an appeal, according to L&I.

United Roofing Solutions
Fines: $305,254
Status: Contested

L&I also cited Olympia, Washington-based United Roofing Solutions for two willful and three repeat violations stemming from alleged failures to comply with the OSHA’s fall protection standards. The state agency considers United Roofing a severe violator. 

During an inspection in March, a compliance officer observed six roofers atop a house without fall gear, according to the agency. L&I has inspected United Roofing a dozen times since 2009, and the contract has faced more than $500,000 in fines for workers not wearing fall protection.

United Roofing is contesting the fines.

Emerald Inc.
Fines: $303,105
Status: Contested

Roselle, Illinois-based framing contractor Emerald Inc. faces $303,105 in fines, issued in August and stemming from a February inspection that found workers allegedly exposed to deadly fall hazards. OSHA cited the contractor for three repeat, two willful and one serious violation for having workers at heights of up to 13 feet without guard rails or ramps.

OSHA claims Emerald Inc. owes more than $390,000 in penalties already, and owes the agency from citations issued as far back as 2018. The agency says it has referred $160,422 in unpaid penalties for debt collection. 

Google lists Emerald Inc. as temporarily closed. 

Benny Troyer and Trail Roofing LLC
Fines: $228,126
Status: Issued

In August, OSHA cited Dundee, Ohio-based roofing contractor Benny Troyer with $228,126 in fines for fall hazards. During a February inspection, OSHA allegedly observed two employees of Benny Troyer and Trail Roofing LLC working at heights up to 20 feet above the ground with inadequate fall protection. The agency also cited workers for using ladders improperly and said the employer failed to enforce the use of head, face and eye protection.

The inspection resulted in one repeat, two willful and one serious violation. OSHA says it has cited Benny Troyer and Trail Roofing as far back as 2011, and has referred more than $108,000 in unpaid penalties for debt collection.

Sunrun Installation Services
Fines: $227,067
Status: Issued


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