County Board approved electrical update at nursing home |

County Board approved electrical update at nursing home |

MONTICELLO – The Piatt County Nursing Home will get the electrical service updates to bring the electrical system up to code.

The county board approved approximately $200,000 to upgrade the electrical system, which is compatible with a new generator, should the power go out at the facility.

“The nursing home electrical infrastructure is not up to the task of supporting the updates to the HVAC system or of being up to code,” said County Administrative Consultant Dustin Harmon of Bellweather. “The system is grandfathered in but it is not up to the task of running a bigger system and is questionable for the current system.”

The county will use funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

“It is an investment in the building, but the building’s electrical system is behind,” Harmon added. “It will upgrade that and really help the building out.”

It upgrades the facility from a single-phase power supply to a three-phase power supply which is standard in most commercial or industrial facilities and a requirement for a new generator that will be installed.

“It will be more efficient, be better for power usage, and safety as well,” said board member Shannon Carroll.

The generator will be funded from a $215,000 grant obtained through U.S. Representative Rodney Davis’ office.

“We couldn’t have used the generator without this upgrade,” said board member Jerry Edwards.

Other business

Halfway through the fiscal year, Harmon said he plans to update the board next month on the status of how the county is doing with revenues and expenditures in comparison to the fiscal year budget.

“There is a significant amount of revenue up so we are optimistic in the performance of the budget, but we will have a more thorough report next month,” he said.

The county is expected to receive more ARPA funds, similar to the $1.59 million received last year.

“We are anticipating receiving the second traunch which should be within 30 days of submission to the U.S. Treasurer’s Department,” he said.

Board member Jerry Edwards said he has not yet received the go-ahead from Treasury officials to submit the request for the county.

“I did check and it hasn’t quite been a year since we were approved for the first one,” Edwards said. “I thought we were closer than that.”

Radio upgrade?

County law enforcement officials are looking to upgrade the radio system first responders use.

“Looking at maps, there are places that have no coverage at all,” said Edwards. “Local fire districts can’t talk with even the Sheriff’s Department.”

Piatt County Sheriff Mark Vogelzang has requested a grant with Representative Rodney Davis office for $600,000 which would pay for a system to cover the entire county.

“If we had a school shooting like they had in Texas, there would be no way they could communicate,” Edwards said. “This is something that is out there and we don’t have the money to do it, obviously, but hopefully we can get this grant.”

Edwards said the county may have to wait for a year on news whether the request has been accepted or not.

“With these projects, (Davis) can award only so many but this is one that has moved a step closer,” he said.

Early voting is on

County clerk Jennifer Harper said that early voting is now available in Piatt County. There was a delay while officials cleared up a dispute.