DEWALT debuts Ascent Series – Lawn & Landscape

DEWALT debuts Ascent Series – Lawn & Landscape

Caterpillar introduces two new Mini Hydraulic Excavator (MHE) Ease of Use technologies – Indicate and E-Fence – for the Cat 306 CR, 308 CR and 309 CR Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavators.

New to Cat mini excavators, Ease of Use Indicate helps operators to reach grade faster, while Ease of Use E-Fence constrains machine motion to within operator preset boundaries. These technologies are ideal for digging footings, drainage and septic systems, irrigation, electric utilities and applications near structures or obstacles operators need to avoid. They allow operators of all experience levels to work more efficiently and consistently.

An entry-level grade system, MHE Ease of Use Indicate provides visual and audible indications to bucket position compared to target grade to assist operators in cutting to exact specifications the first time. Regardless of skill level, operators reach target grade faster with improved precision and reduced need for on-the-ground grade checking to create a safer work environment.

With Indicate, the operator selects target depth and slope from the in-cab guidance system, and the monitor provides real-time work-in-progress and distance-to-grade feedback. The technology enables operators to reach grade faster without overcutting, saving time, manpower and saving cost overall.

MHE Ease of Use E-Fence automatically constrains machine motion to within operator preset boundaries for ceiling, floor, wall and swing. Operators work confidently and efficiently by avoiding structures overhead, underground, in front, or to the left or right of the machine. 

Once the E-Fence range limits are established using the machine’s touchscreen monitor, no part of the boom, stick or bucket will pass the predefined limit(s). Setting height limits using E-Fence Ceiling helps operators avoid obstacles such as powerlines, ceilings or tree limbs. Fiber optic cables and underground utilities are protected by the defined depth limits established with E-Fence Floor. Structures in front of the machine are protected by E-Fence Wall, and where the mini excavator is working next to live traffic or walkways or loading trucks, E-Fence Swing is ideal to avoid these areas.

E-Fence is ideal for new operators to work within set boundaries and helps minimize job costs from repairs and downtime due to equipment damage and fines from damaging utilities or other structures. For experienced operators, E-Fence allows them to work more efficiently and safely with fewer ground personnel required around the work area.

Both MHE Ease of Use E-Fence and Indicate are packaged with Swing Assist and Bucket Assist features at no added cost. Swing Assist, also referred to as return to trench, automatically stops machine swing at one or two set points, ideal for truck loading and trenching applications. It helps operators hit more repetitive swing targets with less effort, reducing fuel use and improving cycle times. Bucket Assist maintains last known bucket angle and keeps the cut accurate in sloping, leveling, fine grading and trenching applications.

Current production Cat 306 CR, 308 CR and 309 CR Next Gen Mini Hydraulic Excavators are shipped from the factory Ease-of-Use-ready to reduce installation time in the field. Ease of Use Indicate and E-Fence can be ordered bundled together or as separate feature packages, installed at the factory or through Cat dealers as an upgrade kit. These technologies are not currently available for Cat 308 CR Variable Angle Boom, 309 CR Variable Angle Boom, 308 CR Fixed Boom, or canopy models.

More information on MHE Ease of Use Indicate and E-Fence for Cat 6- to 9-ton mini hydraulic excavators can be found here.

Additionally, To improve machine efficiency in nursery and landscape applications, Caterpillar introduces new attachments for its range of Cat Skid Steer Loaders (SSL), Compact Track Loaders (CTL) and Compact Wheel Loaders (CWL). These purpose-built attachments cover multiple tasks, including the handling and scooping of trees, shrubs and bushes, removing and carrying stumps, and loading mulch.

New Cat nursery fork, tree scoop bucket and 1 yd3 (0.76 m3) mulch bucket attachments improve machine utilization for Cat SSL, CTL and CWL models. The new Cat stump buckets and nursery grapples are specifically designed to efficiently work with Cat SSL and CTL machines. The full range of new attachments feature durable construction for reliability in the field, and deeply serrated steps integrated into attachment design deliver secure footing for operators when entering and exiting the loaders.

Ideal for handling ball and burlap trees as well as large potted plants, Cat nursery forks come in manual and hydraulic designs. Both offer a hydraulic pivoting fork that allows the left fork to swing open to fit around multiple root balls. The right fork adjusts either manually or hydraulically, depending on the version, allowing contractors to pick and place desired trees and plants and load/unload them quickly and efficiently.  

With their 70.4-in (1788-mm) usable fork length, the new large-capacity nursery forks can hold up to three 28-in (711-mm) root balls or one 54-in (1372-mm) root ball. The pivoting fork design delivers maximum opening for grasping large root balls, while the side shifting fork provides greater control and proper fit when handling different sized root balls. The 25-degree, diamond tread plate fork provides a secure grip for maximum load retention, matching the cut angle of more B&B plants. Its integrated grab handle offers a secure contact point for machine entry/exit.

Similar to nursery forks, the new Cat nursery grapple is well suited for handling ball and burlap trees and potted plants. Its paddle shape wraps around root balls ranging in size from 28 to 54 in (711 to 1372 mm) without damaging the root system or tree. Offering better control and placement, the grapple’s pivoting design helps manipulate the load in numerous positions to reduce the need for manually handling heavy plants while placing them at the nursery or loading them for transport. The tool is capable of swinging 90 degrees to the left and right, and its ability to downward tilt reaching nearly 90 degrees at any point of rotation allows easy laying of material for loading.

The new 1.0 yd3 (0.76 m3) mulch bucket loads mulch into pickup trucks and tight spaces. With its narrow, 56-in (1421-mm) width, the mulch bucket comfortably loads material inside the bed of most pickup trucks without concern for contact or damage. Minimizing waste, its smaller profile delivers the necessary clearance to load trucks without material spillage. Its 1-yd measurement is lasered into the side of the bucket, allowing customers to be confident they are getting a full load. The design’s adjustable machine interface provides proper ground contact with different hinge pin heights, so it works effectively throughout the range of Cat SSL, CTL and CWL machines.

Designed for land clearing and the removal of invasive trees, stumps and large shrubs, the stump bucket for Cat SSL and CTL models is purpose designed for removing and carrying tree stumps. Long and narrow floors allow for easy digging around and below tree and large shrub root balls. Its serrated side plates easily saw through stubborn roots, while replaceable teeth ensure long service life with a BHL style that can be changed to fork or pick style teeth. Heavy steel construction withstands twisting and prying in the tough jobs for long life reliability.

The Cat tree scoop efficiently handles shrubs and small trees at nursery sites and in landscaping applications. Capable of digging and scooping up to a 36-in (901-mm) diameter, the scoop easily transports or transplants trees and other materials. The spade profile easily digs into the ground, and a flattened tip cuts roots for easy tree removal. Welded gussets and thick plates lend to its rugged design and increased durability.

More information on the new Cat attachments for SSL, CTL and CWL models can be found by contacting a Cat dealer or visiting the Caterpillar website.

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