Josh & Matt Want Their Home to Be the World’s Best Estate Sale When They’re Gone

Josh & Matt Want Their Home to Be the World’s Best Estate Sale When They’re Gone

What makes a purchase “worth it”? The answer is different for everybody, so we’re asking some of the coolest, most shopping-savvy people we know—from small-business owners to designers, artists, and actorsto tell us the story behind one of their most prized possessions.


Josh Jessup and Matt Moss of @joshandmattdesign are artists, designers, and content creators based in Melbourne. Partners since meeting at university, the couple moved in together in 2018 and have been in five apartments across three different cities since then. In 2020, they relocated to Melbourne from Sydney to launch their own art and home decor business. While they note how seamlessly their aesthetics align, every so often situations arise. “This is when we bounce ideas off each other and we usually end up thinking of something even better together,” they share in an email. When asked to describe their combined style, the pair calls it “curated maximalism with elements of postmodern design, retro-futurism, and eclectic decor,” with inspiration from designers such as Verner Panton and Memphis Milano for their “no-rules attitude.”

Josh (in red) and Matt (in green) on their Kvadrat Febrik Sprinkles upholstered Cleopatra chaise.

Through their love of color, Josh and Matt have amassed an audience of over 525,000 followers on TikTok with videos centered on interior design and creativity. After watching their videos, it’s difficult to believe their fabulously funky abode was not always that. At the beginning of the pandemic, spending more time at home helped the couple see their apartment through a new lens. “We were no longer happy with just a white box to sleep inside. We wanted to create a space that reflected us and brought us joy, especially since there was so little joy surrounding us during that period.” They attribute realizing their passion for interior design to Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass. “Previously, the only color in our apartment was a pair of brown accent chairs, and everything changed when we first introduced some bright blue vintage Kartell dining chairs!”


The vintage 1970’s Cleopatra chaise designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort—as seen in Demi Lovato’s bedroom—was one of the first items Josh and Matt purchased for their new Melbourne apartment. “We absolutely loved the organic, sculptural form of the sofa, and that it was an iconic design from the ’70s! We were after something that felt quite Jetsons and retro-futuristic and the Cleopatra chaise really ticked all the boxes.” Living in one of the tallest buildings in Melbourne, it was important for the pair to have furniture that would not obstruct their stunning view. Though the chaise had its original fabric, it was starting to show its age, leading Josh and Matt to reupholster the piece. 

“This was great for us, as we got it for a bargain and had the idea of choosing a fabric that would make it fit our space perfectly and really make it feel like it’s ours!” They instantly gravitated towards the multicolor Sprinkles fabric from Kvadrat to cover the sofa, which they loved because, “as you get further away from the Cleopatra, it begins to look like a giant sculptural sponge.” The original fabric was also salvaged, and the couple plans on upcycling it into something else. “This was our first time reupholstering a piece for our own place; it is amazing being able to give something a new breath of life.”

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