The best washing tips of 2022: no more crunchy towels!

The best washing tips of 2022: no more crunchy towels!

How to wash your clothes perfectly

Here are 9 tips that will transform the way you wash everything. 

The best washing tips of 2022: no more crunchy towels!


1. How to get your clothes ‘amazingly bright and stain-free’

Sure everyone’s heard of vinegar and bi-carb soda, but have you tried adding washing soda to your washing? It will change your life.

Here’s everything you need to know about using washing soda in the laundry.

2. The washing machine setting that will keep your towels soft

Tired of crunchy towels? You aren’t alone! The secret to soft towels is a lot simpler than you think. According to mums in the Facebook Group Mums Who Clean, it all comes down to your rinse cycle. Most recommend a double rinse to ensure all the detergent washes out.

Read more about keeping your towels soft.

3. The little balls of goodness will make your washing dry faster

We all know the dryer is an energy sucker. But sometimes, there’s no avoiding it. Your clothes need to dry, and you need to use the dryer.

Luckily, a laundry product can dramatically reduce drying time: wool dryer balls. Here’s how to use wool dryer balls.

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4. How to wash your shoes in the washing machine without ruining them

Popping your shoes in the wash would be easier than cleaning them by hand. But will putting your shoes in the washing machine ruin them? 

Nicole Gibson is the Laundry Queen at Söka Australia. She says you can wash your shoes in the washing machine – but advises against it if you can help.  

If you can’t hand wash them, here are Nicole’s top tips for cleaning your shoes in the washing machine.

5. Hot vs cold: the best water temperature for your clothes

The choice between a hot and cold laundry wash is a decision most of us make every day. In Australia, washing clothes, towels and sheets in cold water is the most popular choice. But is one temperature better than the other for cleanliness and garment care?

It turns out it doesn’t really matter. While warm water will give a slightly better result, cold water is better for your clothes. Read more about the best water temperature for washing your clothes

6. The Laundry mistake making your clothes smellier and scratchier

It turns out there is a right and wrong way to add detergent to your washing machine – and it’s likely that many of us have been doing it wrong.

Here’s what each other three trays on your washing machine are for. 

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7. Why do my clothes feel crunchy? 

If you’ve ever had towels that feel crunchy after washing or clothes that have gone stiff, you aren’t alone.

It’s a common washing mistake that most of us make. And no, it has nothing to do with how you are drying your clothes. 

It all comes down to how much detergent you use when washing your clothes. Here’s how much detergent you should be using in your washing machine.

8. How to wash your doona when it doesn’t fit in the washing machine

You have a few options if your doona doesn’t fit in your washing machine.

  • Take it to a laundry mat and use a bigger machine.
  • Borrow a friend’s washing machine.
  • Strip-soak it in the bath.

Here are step-by-step instructions for deep cleaning a doona in the bath.

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9. The only stain remover you need in your laundry

Whether it’s a bit of Bolognese down your front or dirt and grass stains on your kids’ clothes, whatever the reason, stains happen!

Laundry Queen Nicole says her DIY combination stain remover spray tackles about 70 to 80 per cent of common stains. The best part is it’s cheap. Here’s her stain remover recipe

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